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what are the pros and cons of PErmanent Makeup? Redfox beauty clinic in belper reveals all.

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

When it comes to permanent makeup and semi permanent makeup, Sam at RedFox Beauty salon in Belper has seen it all! With her friendly, patient approach and professional, qualified background, Sam gets a lot of new clients that haven't experienced the semi permanent makeup world before. So this week we're looking at the Pros and Cons of permanent makeup that Sam runs through with her clients to ensure they are fully clued up before going ahead with their permanent makeup treatment.

Pros -

1 - Increased self confidence,

2 - Longer lasting results so you don't have to keep going back so often

3 - Great for busy mums/career women

4 - Can be designed to look as natural or as enhanced as you wish

5 - Very safe when conducted by a qualified permanent makeup specialist like Sam at RedFox Beauty clinic in Belper

Cons -

1 - Too much sun exposure can fade colour

2 - Although it's 'permanent' you do need top ups, but results last months instead of days

3 - Certain lifestyles may change the colour/intensity of the makeup over time, such as outdoor activities like gardening or lots of swimming.

4 - Make sure you're absolutely sure as permanent makeup can be difficult to remove if you change your mind!

Plus a couple of points that sit under both pros and cons - some people may say the price is a con, but when you take into consideration how long the treatments last you realise it's actually great value; and some people also some may find it more painful than others, but 'pain' is still a strong term to use - it's more of a slight discomfort - but beauty is pain right??!......

Some of my most popular permanent makeup treatments at RedFox Beauty Belper include Eyebrow Microblading, Permanent Eyeliner and BB Glow Semi Permanent Foundation.

Eyebrow microblading, or 'Foxy Brows without the faff' as I like to say, is a semi permanent cosmetic treatment that is incredibly realistic and very flattering. I use a handheld tool to implant a gorgeous colour pigment, chosen specifically for you, into the first layer of your skin to create fine, natural-looking strokes that resemble real brow hairs. Leaving you with realistic, fuller-looking brows for longer.

Permanent Eyeliner is a simple procedure that creates a semi permanent liner that gives you the appearance of thicker, fuller eyelashes. It's the perfect way to define and accentuate those beautiful peepers.

BB Glow Semi Permanent Foundation helps you to achieve a glowing, radiant even skin tone complexion for up to four months! Not only great at covering up your facial skin flaws, it also hydrates your skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, covers Rosacea and evens out imperfections and discolouration, leaving your skin looking like you're wearing the highest quality, lightweight face makeup!

This beautiful treatment stimulates skin rejuvenation and collagen production too!

So remember - although permanent makeup pigment remains in the dermis of your skin, its' life span may be influenced by several possible factors, including environmental, procedural and/or individual factors.

For my full list of permanent and semi permanent makeup treatments at RedFox Beauty clinic you can check out our Beauty Treatments page. If you have any questions for me or you want to book a permanent makeup treatment at RedFox Beauty in Belper please contact me .



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