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Aqualyx & Deso
Fat dissolving injections 

What Are Fat Dissolving Injections?

Fat dissolving injections work by disrupting fat cells making them unstable. These cells then begin to break down flush out through the body via the lymphatic system. This treatment can be permanent as part of a healthy lifestyle. Suitable for the chin, neck, back, stomach, thighs, knees, buttocks, bingo wings, arms and ankles.

Aqualyx fat dissolving injections in Belper.jpg

What to expect

Aqualyx and Deso fat dissolving treatments may need to be repeated  between two and eight times depending on the number of small pockets of fat tissue to be reduced.

Treatments can be repeated every three to four weeks. Side effects may include swelling, bruising and possible discomfort. 

Contraindications to Fat Dissolving Treatment:

pregnancy and lactation, liposdystrophy, pathological conditions and for those under 18 years or over 60 years.

How Quickly will I see results?

You will see the results after about four to five weeks. Normally there is swelling after the treatment and once that has settled down you will start to see results.

For optimum results, multiple sessions are usually advised.

Large models in Bodysuits - get fat dissolving injections in Belper Derbyshire - dissolve fat in your thighs and stomach


Medium areas
£80 each
4x sessions for £270

Large areas
£130 each
6x sessions £80 each
8x sessions £70 each
12 x sessions £65 each

Multiple sessions recommended
(Medium 3-4 sessions, Large 8 -12 sessions)

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