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fillers lower face saggy dark circles

Your consultation is completely complimentory
My aim with fillers is to help restore a younger & fresher looking you - You'll find that you only need gradual, subtle tweaks here and there,  to give you back a natural-looking younger version of you.
You really don't need to have that 'worked on' look
I use premium filler products, specifically positioned for your own anatomy to replace lost volume to rejuvenate your best features. As we age, our fat pads reduce and collagen production lessens, causing your skin to become lax, and 'droopy' giving you the little concerns you may dislike about yourself.
From a saggy jawline, dark under eye circles, baggy eyelids, wrinkles in the lips ' smokers lines', saggy undereye etc by injecting  filler ( a substance your body already naturally produces) I can restore and strengthen your skins volume, reduce facial lines and bring a younger look back to your face

Whether want to feel and look a little younger or you want to prevent the signs of ageing - you will be delighted with your results


Premium Filler


Additional 1ml


4 x 1ml

Example Areas

Lips | Jowls | Laugh Lines  | Lip Atrophy | Lip Lines | Marionettes Lines | Down turned Smile | Deep Wrinkles | Chin | Scar | Brow Lift | Midface | Temple | Cheeks | Jawline 

Non-Surgical Nose Rhinoplasty 

 ______THE EYES______

Tear Troughs

Refresh Eyes

This innovative treatment acts on three levels: lifting, antioxidant and hydrating. It is a unique triple action at the cellular level, which gives the effect of a pronounced and lasting rejuvenation and luminosity back to tired looking eyes

Dark circles

Sagging skin in the area of ​​the eyelids without noticeable drooping of the eyelids

Acne scars

(Dark Circles / Tightening) 
3 x sessions



 Soft Tear Troughs

This beautiful under eye treatment, rejuvenates and lends comprehensive skin whitening, whilst reconstructing damaged, aged skin

Creating a healthy skin barrier, where moisture is stored in the layers of the dermis, it normalises of the work of the sebaceous glands and

regenerates the tissues of the dermis,

* Anti-wrinkle effect

* Improvement of skin elasticity

3 x sessions

Combination Packages Available 


Macro shot of a perfect, rosy, and fleshy mouth. On the mouth, there is a glossy lip to ma
Macro shot of a perfect, rosy, and fleshy mouth. On the mouth, there is a glossy lip to ma


Restoring your previous lip size

As you age, your lips may get smaller or thinner, your philtrum (the groove between your upper lip and septum) may get longer and flatter and the distance between the corners of your mouth may increase

Correcting the shape of your lips

It’s common for your lips to be different sizes or shapes (asymmetrical)

Smoothing wrinkles

 When you smile or laugh, wrinkles sometimes develop on the sides or tops of your mouth and lips

Boosting confidence

 Lip fillers can help improve your self-esteem and body image

Nasolabial Fold

Laughter lines or smile lines, start by the side of your nose and go down beside your mouth 

These lines can run into the marionette lines or the vertical lines that run downward from the outer corners of your mouth to along the outside of the chin

 They can give you face a serious, sad and aged appearance

Don't worry though, this is a very simple fix

woman face wrinkles   after treatment.jpg


Saggy Jowls

The loss of your skins collagen and loss of mid-face volume causes the skin on the face to descend down towards the jaw


This results in the formation of jowls and marionette lines.

Adding loss of volume to your cheeks is often one of the fastest and most subtle methods for dealing with saggy jowls, wrinkles in lips, sad smiles etc

Benefits of Cheek filler?

Define and enhance your cheekbones
Increase volume of your cheeks
Look more youthful
Plump up wrinkles
Smooths fine lines

What is cheek filler?
 Naturally occurring, it's a  substance that exists in your skin already

Skin loses HA levels as you age, resulting in wrinkles and loss of volume I use HA injections to increase volume and to keep your skin hydrated

Marionette Lines

Collagen-inducing treatments, such as microneedling, are an effective way to address fine lines and wrinkles especially for a full face wrinkle busting treatment

However the Marionette lines are

the shadows that start from the corner of the mouth and run down towards the jawline, either side of the chin

The loss of your skins collagen and loss of mid-face volume causes the skin on the face to descend down towards the jaw


This results in the formation of jowls and marionette lines.



Scar Revision


Filler is often a beautiful method used to lift out  sunken scars and improve the skin surface, which has been disrupted by skin conditions, acne or wounds

Tear troughs

We recognise this area to be, between your lower eyelid and cheek

As we age, we experience volume loss here,  which can often cause dark circles or sunken, tired looking eyes


Reduces dark circles under the eyes


Adds volume and plump hollows under the eyes

Rejuvenates tired eyes

Boosts collagen production and overall skin quality

Reduces lines and wrinkles

Quick treatment with instant results

No down time – go straight back to work

Filler FAQ's

frequently asked

what to expect

As with any injectable treatment there are associated side effects such as bruising and swelling. With certain dermal fillers  you may expect some swelling which can last for a few days. Bruising can happen (although not expected) so we can stay on the side of caution and schedule your appointment where you have some time afterwards just in case, especially if it’s your first treatment. To reduce this it’s best to avoid drinking alcohol and taking omega-3 supplements for a couple of days beforehand as both can thin your blood. If you’re prone to bruising it might be wise to take some arnica tablets before and afterwards to minimise the risk but it's not essential. 

when will i see the results

One of the many benefits of dermal fillers is that you will see the result immediately after your treatment, although you should allow time for any swelling to subside to see the full outcome.

how long will it last

6 months -

 2 years


It varies on the individual, but generally the results of a dermal filler treatment could last for six months to 2 years As dermal fillers are gradually broken down and absorbed by the body, most people return for another treatment before the visible results have gone.

one session

Some people would like quick results which is understandable however, with dermal fillers its ideal to be treated in stages. We don’t need to inject much to make a difference so it’s best to have a treatment plan such as starting with the mid face followed by lower face but all of this will discussed during the consultation.

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