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I offer a bespoke body piercing service, tailored to your needs in a relaxed and calm environment.

I want your experience to be pleasant, enjoyable and result in a healthy piercing which will give you joy for years!

  More than just a piercing!

At your appointment we'll take time to discuss a number of important things.

  • The placement of the piercing & how the jewellery will sit

  • The versatiliy of the piece and your future ideas

  • I'll take into account your life style and of course your budget

And of course I'll provide expert advice on the aftercare, health & well being of each piercing

I'm quick but careful - so don't worry you're in safe hands!


I offer a full range of piercings

Mostly priced at £26.50 - per single piercing. Some piercings are a little extra.




Each £28

Nipple - Navel -Septum  - Medusa - Smiley

Daith ( migraine relief )

Each £30

   Scaffold -  Transverse Lobe                                                   

     Pair of Lobes  -  Both £45​                              


With each piercing, you'll receive high quality medical certified Titanium Jewellery 



It's hypoallergenic which means it's perfect for those with hypersensitivity

Fashionable Earring

A little something extra?

If you'd prefer something more unique straight away, I have a selection of truly beautiful jewellery so you can instantly have the piercing of your dreams - prices vary

Children & Age Restrictions

Children's earlobe piercings can be performed using the traditional gun method, choose from a range of cute sterilised jewelled studs  - £45

You need to be 4 & over to have your lobes pierced, for nipples it's 18 & over.

Minors will need a parent/guardian present

Smiling Woman



Once you have your piercing you'll probably want to show it off - head over to the online store, it's full of some truly unique pieces!

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