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I offer a bespoke body piercing service, tailored to your needs in a relaxed and calm environment.

I want your experience to be pleasant, enjoyable and result in a healthy piercing which will give you joy for years!

  More than just a piercing!

At your appointment we'll take time to discuss a number of important things.

  • The placement of the piercing & how the jewellery will sit

  • The versatiliy of the piece and your future ideas

  • I'll take into account your life style and of course your budget

And of course I'll provide expert advice on the aftercare, health & well being of each piercing

I'm quick but careful - so don't worry you're in safe hands!


I offer a full range of piercings

Mostly priced at £26.50 - per single piercing. Some piercings are a little extra.




Each £28

Nipple - Navel -Septum  - Medusa - Smiley

Daith ( migraine relief )

Each £30

   Scaffold -  Transverse Lobe                                                   


Pair of Lobes  -  Both £49.50​                              


With each piercing, you'll receive high quality medical certified Titanium Jewellery 



It's hypoallergenic which means it's perfect for those with hypersensitivity

Fashionable Earring

A little something extra?

If you'd prefer something more unique straight away, I have a selection of truly beautiful jewellery so you can instantly have the piercing of your dreams - prices vary

Children & Age Restrictions

You need to be 6 & over to have your lobes pierced, for nipples it's 18 & over

Cartlidge: 11 Years with parent present

Navel piercing: 14 years with parent present

Nose: 14 years with parent present

Minors will need a parent/guardian present ( 18 and under)

The needle method is the most sterile, safest and preferred method of piercing by any professional body piercer

So your children will be benefiting from this technique also

Smiling Woman



Once you have your piercing you'll probably want to show it off - head over to the online store, it's full of some truly unique pieces!

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