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A Woman Laughing with white teeth - teeth whitening service Belper

Self Service Laser
Teeth Whitening

What is cosmetic teeth whitening?

Cosmetic teeth whitening is a very effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface (enamel). It could lighten the existing colour of your teeth by up to 16 shades!

How does the teeth whitening process work?

Discolouration of teeth can come from extrinsic, intrinsic and internalised factors. Our gels work to remove all stains from the teeth, no matter how deep-rooted they are. Naturawhite gels are made up of molecules which are triggered by heat and light, thus speeding up the tooth whitening process.

Our professional teeth whitening machine works in combination with powerful BluForsa gels. The light triggers molecules from the gel to create ‘free radicals’ – unstable atoms which damage cells. Free radicals are deployed in the teeth whitening process for a positive gain, by attacking nearby built up protein which has caused the stain on the tooth

How does it differ from dental teeth whitening?

Dental teeth whitening is performed by a dentist and is a medical procedure. Naturawhite is a brilliant cosmetic alternative! – a self-administered whitening product that's non sensitive!

How much does teeth whitening 


A session of teeth whitening, reaching up to 16 shades lighter is just £89 and takes only 45 mins!


Get whiter still for just


*within 1 month


This simple and easy to use USB kit, lets you top up your teeth whitening in the comfort of your own home

or on the move! 

plug into your phone and get brighter teeth in the car on the way to work!

in just 16 mins!!

How long does it last?

Whitening is like setting back the clock on the colour of your teeth – so they will start to darken again with age and to collect stains again, just as they would if you’d never had them whitened. The key to keeping your teeth white as long as possible, whether you have them whitened or not, is avoiding the foods and drinks that stain teeth and maintaining your dental hygiene routine. You could also use your easy to use top up device at home!

Teeth Whitening Offers

Book and have your 3rd top up teeth whitening appointment at Red Fox Beauty 6 months later for just £50

​ *Bring a friend

2 people £150

"Absolutely shocked by the results Sam and so easy and painless, Thank you!"


before and after teeth whitening with Natura whitening gel belper

What to expect


*Brush teeth with a Naturascrub

*Wipe teeth with an activation cloth

*Apply Natura whitening gel to your sheild

*Enjoy the laser getting to work


I Have Crown/Caps/Filling


Can I Have Teeth Whitening Appointment?

Yes you can! The teeth whitening procedure will restore crowns, caps, fillings or veneers to their original colour and will not cause any damage. Please note that the process will not whiten them more than their original colour

Is It Painful?

This is the question that concerns most people. The majority of people find the process completely painless, however, a small percentage of people experience temporary sensitivity to hot or cold for 24 – 48 hours following their appointment

What will you do?

Before your session you'll be sent a little video demonstrating exactly what you'll need to do!


You'll also receive


A SIMPLE 3 STEP PROCESS instruction card


Read this thoroughly, and familiarise yourself with the easy steps

It's so easy!

Why Self Service?

I like to help my customers in any way that I can and give as many clear instructions as possible, so that you can receive the best possible service from me

​But you wouldn't want me brushing your teeth for you!

I have gone to great lengths to ensure you have all the information you need to get the best results from your session

That said, I am not a dentist and I'm not in the dentistry profession. It would be illegal for me to give you advice, so if you require information related to dentistry, please contact your dentist.

This is a beautiful method to get great whitening results that you're in control of in a ( I like to think) homely, friendly setting and professional

Things you should know!

You should not under take a Laser Teeth Whitening session if :

*You are pregnant or breast feeding

*Suffer or have previously suffered from Herpes or Cold sores

*Under 18

*Wearing braces

*Anyone who is currently suffering from gum disease. It is essential that if you have any signs of gum disease you should be seen by your dentist before attending any teeth whitening appointments for advice. 


Please Note: Each individual reacts differently to the self service teeth whitening product and may not achieve the maximum level of shade lift within 1 session. Top up sessions may be required

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