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anti wrinkle injections

For all types of corrective treatments, from getting rid of crows feet to helping reduce excessive sweating!

Image by OSPAN ALI

frown line £155
2 areas £185
3 areas £235

4 areas £265

Turn that frown upside down with an anti wrinkle injection for your frown lines! This very simple, quick yet effective anti wrinkle injection treatment in Belper is a great way to smooth out those lines on your forehead

Image by Hosein Shirvani

forehead lines £155
2 areas £185

3 areas £235
4 areas £265

Ever get told to stop frowning or raising your eyebrows? Well did you know, at the RedFox Beauty Clinic in Belper you can get an anti ageing injection that can help with that? No more worrying about makeup in your creases with this quick and effective treatment.

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crows feet £155
2 areas £185
3 areas £235
4 areas £265

The signs of ageing affect both men and women, and if you've had a life full of laughter, then you may have deeper laughter lines than desired. If that's the case, now is the perfect opportunity to reduce your laughter lines with an anti wrinkle injection.

Image by Amanda Dalbjörn

Brow lift £155

Get rid of your squint and open those peepers! Great for people who have hooded eyelids or just want to be able to apply your eye makeup more easily!


Anti sweat treatment
(hyperhidrosis) £299

If you suffer from excessive sweating this treatment is for you - and one of my most popular treatments!

Image by Xenia Bogarova

Bunny lines £125
2 areas £165
3 areas £210
4 areas £265

Sometimes those lines around the top of our nose are cute - but not when they stay there after we've stopped scrunching! Anti wrinkle injections are the perfect treatment to reduce those bunny lines.

Skin Analysis

Gummy smile £155

Do you always try to hide your gums when you smile? Now there's no need - anti wrinkle injections can calm down the muscles that pull your lip up so high when you smile - book a consultation today to find out more!

Close-up Portrait

Masseter reduction  £190

For those of you who struggle with grinding your teeth at night - leading to those morning headaches - anti wrinkle inejctions can help!

If you have strong 'chewing' muscles then your jaw will look more square and enlarged. Anti wrinkle injections at my beauty clinic in Belper can help to reduce these affects by softening the jaw line.

Cosmetic Medicine Application

Migraines £190

Migraines can be hugely debilitating and they are one of the top reasons my clients book anti wrinkle injections at RedFox Beauty in Belper. Book a consultation with me today to find out how I can help you to get rid of migraines.

Close Up Portrait

Neferiti neck lift £250

Targeting the neck and jaw line, these anti wrinkle injections create a lifting effect to the neck area - and the effects can last upto 6 months!

eyeliner makeup

not what you're looking for?

If you're not quite ready for anti wrinkle injections but you're not sure what else to try, why not browse my other beauty treatments in Belper? At Redfox Beauty Clinic in Belper I provide a vast range of beauty treatments, semi-permanent makeup, permanent beauty treatments, piercing, massage, teeth whitening, dermal fillers and much more!

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