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which body piercing is right for you? expert's guide to Body Piercing.

Expert body piercer Sam from RedFox Beauty Clinic in Belper tells all - from the level of customer service and after care you should expect; to the low pain levels, jewellery shopping and everything inbetween!

There are so many reasons that someone might choose to get a body piercing. There are tribes across the globe who pierce various body parts for spiritual reasons, whilst some people are just getting a body piercing to be a rebel - the ultimate form of self expression. Then there are those who get piercings to look good and feel good - speaking of feeling good, there are also a few people who get a body piercing to enhance sexual pleasure!!

As with anything in today's society, the art of body piercing is affected by trends. Around 25 years ago, the most popular types of body piercings were belly button piercings, ear lobe stretching and eyebrow piercings. Now-a-days, I've sen an increase in septum piercing, nipple piercing and Smiley Daith piercing for migraine relief. I'm sure the next 10 to 20 years we'll see another shift, but right now it's easy to see why body piercing is more popular then ever!

Nearly all parts of your body can be pierced, and the pain levels differ depending on where you get a piercing; but it is always wise to think about your individual body type before getting a body piercing. Every body is different - just because your friend has a nipple ring that sits beautifully, doesn't mean that the same type of piercing or jewellery will be right for you!

At RedFox Beauty I will help you to choose the best placement for your body piercing that will suit your individul body type and shape. I will also recommend the best jewellery to best improve your healing time.

If you're new to body piercing it's also a good idea to think about your lifestyle - will your new body piercing be practical for every day wear? If you're slightly clumsy then even the simplest of daily tasks may become an issue with certain types of body piercings.

If you're searching for good quality body piercing jewellery, the great news is I also have an online body piercing jewellery shop.

You can shop by body part such as ear piercing, nose piercing or eyebrow piercing; or shop by type of jewellery such as Daith, Lobes, Rook, Conch, Spetum, Tragus and Helix piercing jewellery.

We have a wide variety of stunning body piercing jewellery pieces to choose from in our online jewellery store that will really make you stand out from the crowd!

When you book a body piercing appointment at RedFox Beauty clinic in Belper, it's about more than just the piercing! During your appointment we'll take time to discuss a number of important things about your body piercing, such as the correct placement of the piercing and how the jewellery will sit, and I'll also take into account your lifestyle and budget before advising you on which body piercing jewellery is best.

Plus, with each piercing, you'll receive a piece of high quality medical certified Titanium Jewellery (it's hypoallergenic which means it's perfect for those with hypersensitivity); and I will of course provide you with expert advice on body piercing aftercare.

If you'd like more info on body piercing at RedFox Belper please read my Body Peircing Page, or contact me on 07869105654 or at

I look forward to meeting you!



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