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How to lose weight in 2023- Fat Dissolving injections in Derbyshire

Lots of people across the country will be attempting all sorts of New Year's diets or celebrity diet plans to lose the weight that has inevitably piled on after the excesses of Christmas and the New Year celebrations! But at the RedFox Beauty Clinic in Belper, we recently began offering a much quicker solution to losing weight, in the form of fat dissolving injections..

 Easy weight loss - Fat dissolving injections at RedFox beauty clinic in Belper, Derbyshire

If you're fed up of constantly trying to lose weight, especially getting rid of stubborn fat areas for women such as the inner thighs and lower abdomen; then weight loss injections could be the solution for you. As a woman it can be hard to lose weight in 2023, what with juggling work, children, hobbies and partners (as well as succumbing to the chocolate and wine that helps get us through it all!) For men too, losing stubborn body fat can be a challenge, and at the RedFox Beauty clinic in Belper we are seeing more clients visiting us recently for fat dissolving injection treatments for men, with fantastic results.

When it comes to fat busting solutions, the Aqualyx and Deso fat dissolving injections for face and body are a great choice if you're looking for a fast way to lose weight that's safer than many of the fad diets that people try these days. If you're trying to lose weight from your stomach, thighs, or even if you want to lose chin fat then our fat busting injections at our beauty salon in Derbyshire can really help you to achieve the body you want in a short period of time - and it's affordable!

fat molecules - lose weight fast at RedFox beauty salon in Belper - fat dissolving injections in Derbyshire, fat busting techniques used at RedFox beauty clinic in Belper including weight loss injections

Fat dissolving injections work by disrupting fat cells making them unstable. These cells then begin to break down flush out through the body via the lymphatic system. At RedFox Beauty Salon in Belper I offer Aqualyx fat dissolving injections, DesoBody fat dissovling injections and DesoFace fat dissolving injection treatments. Both brands are highly established and work in the same way; they are a non-invasive, fat dissolving treatment that speed up the body's natural fat removal process.

To book your speedy weight loss consultation at RedFox Beauty Clinic with Sam, simply call 07869105654 or email



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