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We all age, and that's absolutely ok - but what if you could get your skin looking a little more like it did? My aim with fillers is to bring that wonderful, original 'you' back to your face - simple, subtle, natural-looking.

I use dermer fillers to replace lost volume in your face. As we age, our fat pads reduce in the face so the skin droops, causing a sagging jawline and lines from nose to mouth and below.  By injecting the correct filler into your face, I can restore volume, reduce lines and bring a younger look back to your skin.

Fillers & Prices

Scars from £145 | Lip upturn £190 | Kiss/smokers lines £190 | Marionette £190 | Nasolabial £190 | Lips from £190 | Hands £190


Advanced fillers (From £250)

Cheek augmentation | Jawline definition | Jowels | Tear troughs | Non surgical rhinoplasty 

Packages / combinations available at a lower rate - contact me for more info. 

Macro shot of a perfect, rosy, and fleshy mouth. On the mouth, there is a glossy lip to ma
Macro shot of a perfect, rosy, and fleshy mouth. On the mouth, there is a glossy lip to ma


great for...





lipstick line

thin lips

smokers lines


restoring youth


smooth wrinkles


Nasolabial Fold

great for...


looking younger



restoring your smile  

 lips looking fuller



woman face wrinkles   after treatment.jpg

great for...


slimmer looking face



smoothing out lip lines  

tightening marrionettes and Nasolabial lines



Marionette Lines

great for...


gaining back your smile

 looking younger

stopping sagging

plump out wrinkles

smoother skin


confidence boosting

remove wrinkles



Scar Revision

Scar Dermal Fillers

hiding scars

smoothing skin texture

break up scar tissue

naturally repair the area

£ varies

Tear troughs

Reduces dark circles under the eyes


Adds volume and plump hollows under the eyes

Rejuvenates tired eyes

Boosts collagen production and overall skin quality

Reduces lines and wrinkles

Quick treatment with instant results

No down time – go straight back to work


Filler FAQ's

frequently asked

what to expect

As with any injectable treatment there are associated side effects such as bruising and swelling. With certain dermal fillers  you may expect some swelling which can last for a few days. Bruising can happen (although not expected) so we prefer on the side of caution and schedule your appointment where you have some time afterwards just in case, especially if it’s your first treatment. To reduce this it’s best to avoid drinking alcohol and taking omega-3 supplements for a couple of days beforehand as both can thin your blood. If you’re prone to bruising it might be wise to take some arnica tablets before and afterwards to minimise the risk but it's not essential. 

when will i see the results

One of the many benefits of dermal fillers is that you will see the result immediately after your treatment, although you should allow time for any swelling to subside to see the full outcome.

how long will it last

6 months -

 2 years


It varies on the individual, but generally the results of a dermal filler treatment could last for six months to 2 years As dermal fillers are gradually broken down and absorbed by the body, most people return for another treatment before the visible results have gone.

one session

Some people would like quick results which is understandable however, with dermal fillers its ideal to be treated in stages. We don’t need to inject much to make a difference so it’s best to have a treatment plan such as starting with the mid face followed by lower face but all of this will discussed during the consultation.

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